Home Visits

Home visits are routinely available for the terminally ill and truly bedbound patients in whom travel to the surgery by car would cause a deterioration in medical condition or unacceptable discomfort.  Visits to patients not in these categories may be made at the doctor's discretion and based on clinical judgement, but not routinely.

All other patients should make their way to the surgery to see their GP.  This is because for every home visit a GP makes they could see several patients in the surgery, and the doctor is better able to assess and treat patients in a properly equipped surgery than in their own home.

If you believe you need a home visit please call the surgery before 10.30 as rounds have to be planned. You will be asked for a reason for the home visit so we can judge the urgency of the call.  The doctor will phone before visiting to assess whether a home visit is necessary and if so, the urgency of the visit.

In some cases the doctor may judge that a visit is not necessary and may offer telephone advice or may arrange for another healthcare professional such as the District Nurse to visit. 

In some cases the doctor may agree a visit is necessary but not urgent and this may be arranged for another day.

If you would like to better understand the reasons behind our home visiting policy please read these GP Visiting Guidelines produced by South Staffordshire Local Medical Committee.  They provide an excellent background and explanation to past and current home visiting practice in UK General Practice.

To request a home visit please call the practice on 028 2826 1910.

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